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Pastor Jeff Griffith

Brother Griffith preached his inaugural sermon on Sunday, April 8th, 2013. Pastor Griffith and his wife, Lydia are the parents of five children who are all involved in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Bro. Griffith accepted Christ as his Personal Savior in 1979 and publicly announced his call to God’s Ministry in 1982. Rev. Griffith was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1984, and has over 29 years of ministry experience in various churches in the South Carolina area. After his honorable discharge from the Army in 1982, he enhanced his education by attending Tabernacle Baptist Bible College from 1983-1985. Pastor Griffith received a Graduate of Theology (TH.G) from Granite Falls Baptist Bible College in 1999, fulfilled 20 contact hours in Educational Administration at Pensacola Christian College, and received a teacher certification from SCACS (South Carolina Association of Christian Schools).


Lydia Griffith graduated in 1986 from Tabernacle Baptist College in Greenville, SC with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education.  She has been teaching Christian education for 28 years and is employed at Somerset Christian Academy.


Denham Street Baptist Church still adheres to and follows our foundational inception of worshipping as an informal, traditional, old-fashioned, KJV Bible teaching and believing, Spirit convicting, soul-winning Baptist Church. Pastor Griffith stated in his inaugural message. “My approach to Servant Leadership is to lead in a manner in which others will desire the Christian Life. Above all else, the goal of my ministry has been to introduce Jesus Christ to everyone; to create opportunities for Christian families to grow, and to facilitate the Body of Christ by leading the way in having a Christ exalting, worshipping church with a heart for others.”

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