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​The Denham Street Baptist Church choir was unofficially formed on a Friday night, May 6, 1977, during a campout in Jabez, KY. The campers consisted of Bruce and Donna Meece, Charlie and Anita Fitzpatrick, Dean and Linda Harness, James and Verna Dick, and Jesse and Pat McCoy. During the course of the evening; amidst the background noise of a ferocious thunderstorm, in the shelter of a tent, the couples began singing hymns.

A few weeks after the campout, Bruce Meece was elected as the church song leader. David Warren, who in 1975, at the age of 15, had started playing the piano for the church, was officially elected as the church pianist. Shortly thereafter, the original Denham Street Baptist Church choir was formed. Bruce and David still lead and play for the choir, and many original members still sing today.

The Denham Street Baptist Church choir is an exciting and vibrant part of all of our worship services. Each individual member of our choir places a great emphasis toward a common goal: to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through a ministry of songs and music while uplifting and praising God’s holy name. The choir also has a reputation of making themselves available to sing for revivals and ministries throughout the surrounding areas, including Pulaski, Russell, Casey, Laurel, Wayne, and some regions of Tennessee.

Many extremely talented individuals have been a part of the choir of Denham Street Baptist Church over the past nearly forty years. Even though we have many vocally-gifted individuals, our choir consists primarily of people who are willing to offer a ‘voice’ of praise and ‘make melody in their hearts’ to the Lord and who are committed to the praising of God through song. We have no ‘tryouts’ and those who feel as if they cannot sing are just as welcome and encouraged to be a part of this ministry and fulfill our desire to become ‘one voice’ for him and to “Sing the Wondrous Story” of Jesus Christ.


Nursery Services

Adjacent to the main sanctuary, the Church Nursery is open during all church services for diaper changes, feedings,  etc with a live stream from our services. Your child is welcome and encouraged to attend our services but in the event that you need to step out with them, we are happy to provide this service. During the 11:00 Sunday morning hour we have volunteers available if you would prefer your child to be babysat while you attend worship.


Kids 4 Christ

We understand the very important role of generational Christianity, families raising their children in a good nurturing environment and church setting.  According to Ephesians 6:4, Parents are to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and so it is our desire that all of our Youth and Children's ministries reflect this principle.  

Kellie Mink heads up our Kids 4 Christ group.  Her team of ladies offer weekly Wednesday night services for elementary aged kids throughout the school year.  They also host events throughout the entire calendar year.  There is a strong emphasis put on the Gospel through a combination of teaching, music, puppets, and activities.



Ignite Student Ministries

​Our youth department and Ignite Student Ministries are headed up by Chris Meece. We certainly realize in today’s world our youth are being offered everything to keep them from being productive in a Christian manner. We strive to keep our youth busy with wholesome activities. The youth take at least one week long trip every year during the summer months as well as involving in several different projects locally. Our youth department is broken into two groups. Our younger kids make up our Kids for Christ Ministry. And our teens make up our Ignite Student Ministries. Our kids meet in the activity center and our teens in the Chapel. We have a full calendar of events for our youth dept., that is given out to our members every January. Our main goal is to see our youth saved but we don’t stop there. Our goal is to see them grow as young men and women of character, full of the joy of the Lord in their hearts.


Girlfriends in God

​The Girlfriends in God Ministry of Denham Street Baptist Church is led by our pastor’s wife Mrs. Griffith.  She has been involved in ladies’ ministry for over 30 years. Along with being a Sunday school teacher, she teaches each month on subjects that are designed to help our ladies grow in Grace and be all that God wants them to be.  Their monthly meetings are a time to share food and fellowship and is currently attended by approximately 25 ladies.  They also raise funds for several outreach projects throughout the year including a yearly ladies’ retreat.  If you’re a new lady to Denham Street we encourage you to attend any of the Girlfriends in God Meetings, you won’t be disappointed.   

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Nursing Home Ministry

Our nursing home ministry is certainly not your typical nursing home ministry. It has a long standing history of over 30 years.  Several different seniors from our church family and one of our assistant preachers attends each Sunday at 9:30 am.  They begin with a time of singing followed by a short devotion.  They have an average of 30 to 50 residents, including their family members in this service.  The service is dismissed at 10:30 to give our folks time to make it back to our 11:00 am service.  This ministry has been used by God to help so many folks down through the years.  If you’re a senior adult looking for a place to minister to others don’t hesitate to speak with Brother Robert Thompson.

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Kingdom Kayakers

Bro Stephen Fitzpatrick leads our outdoor ministry for the Kingdom Kayakers. The Somerset area is home to many fast moving creeks, rivers and tributaries that feed into lake Cumberland. Several times a year the group plans a whitewater trip down one of the chosen routes these trips are half day /full day and lots of fun for all. This ministry gives our men groups a time of fellowshipping and bonding as a team. The adventures together are great memory builders. This ministry gets active in spring and early summer as water levels are at a high mark. If you like outdoor activities and enjoy water sports be sure and inquire at our welcome center.

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Benevolent Ministry

This ministry is headed up by approximately 60 ladies from Denham Street. Each year we collect a list of members both men and women who, in the event of a death in our church family, prepare a meal and assist in serving the meal to the grieving family. They are divided up in teams per every three months with 10-12 volunteers on each team. We keep 4 active teams throughout the year to serve in this capacity. This ministry has truly been used by the Lord to help those in mourning. Feel free to inquire about being involved in this by asking for the list or by turning in your name at the welcome center. There is always room for an additional team member. Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.


Senior's Fellowship

Randall and Amanda Whitehead heads up our senior's fellowship ministry.  Their monthly fellowship has included movie nights, music night, self defense for seniors, food fellowship and yes, even BINGO.

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